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NYS Essential Power For Your Property's Electrical Construction

A well-functioning electrical system is vital to every New York home. At Essential Power, we serve both commercial business and residential homeowners in New York, We provide a broad range of electrical services to our customers. Our highly trained electricians ensure that every job will be completed with the highest degree of quality and professionalism.  Call or schedule an appointment online for electrical maintenance, upgrades, remodeling, repairs, and inspection services.

Make Your Life Easier With Enphase Energy Storage

Enphase Systems utilize microinverter technology to provide safer and more reliable operations.
The Enphase Ensemble battery seamlessly transitions from utility power to battery power with no delay. The Enphase energy storage is reliable, smart, simple, and safe. It provides the lowest lifetime energy costs with backup capability for both new and retrofit solar customers.

Make Your Life Easier With Span Span Smart Home Electrical Panel

With a Span Smart Home Electrical Panel, you can easily save money and be prepared for power outages. Best of all, it’s environmentally friendly. Pair the SPAN electrical panel with your home battery to easily control how much power your are using or to provide power during weather-related power outages. 

Why EV Charging Stations For Your Home And Commercial Places?

Hard-wired electric vehicle chargers allow a homeowner to charge up quickly instead of waiting hours to use their car. Don’t settle for only using your vehicle after a full night of charging, have Essential Power hardwire a charger that will fill your “tank” up quickly! You can charge your electric vehicle at smarter times, such as when the electricity costs are lower. Installing a commercial electric car charging station can keep your business ahead of the curve and help your organization earn more money and take advantage of tax incentives.

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